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Textbooks are included as part of your licensing course package — eBooks for the live instructor-led VIRTUAL licensing course, or printed books for the live instructor-led IN-PERSON licensing course. If you would like to purchase a different textbook format (eBook or printed book), or would like to browse our additional optional supplemental resources such as workbooks, audios, and math review, check out our CBG School of Real Estate Bookstore HERE. Books purchased from our online bookstore are non-refundable.

How to Study

One of the most common questions we hear from students is, “How do I study?” For many of us it has been a long time since we sat in a classroom, and you may not be sure how to get started. There are many different ways to study that work well, depending on the student – Everyone is different. Here are some suggestions…

  • On the syllabus (class schedule) and on the first page of each unit in the textbooks are listed the main learning concepts, check those concepts as you work through the course, and make sure you are confident on each one. 
  • Stay away from using the unit quizzes and practice tests as study tools, as quizzes and tests only check random concepts and do not cover all the concepts. The quizzes are for evaluation and are not comprehensive in covering the topics you need to know. 
  • Make flashcards. Use your eBook to create digital flashcards (or make them the old fashioned way using 3×5 index cards) of the concepts and review and rereview those flashcards. Make sure your flashcards cover all of the learning concepts listed on your syllabus. HERE is a link to how to create digital flashcards from your eBook.  
  • Use the PowerPoint slide handouts to review the instructor taught information. You can download the handouts from the “Resources” tab on the student portal. It is a LOT of pages to print, but some students benefit from printing the PowerPoint handouts and using the sheets to take notes. 
  • Some students commit things to memory by writing them… If you are that way, write out each concept either in a notebook or on flashcards. 
  • For some students, it helps to “teach” the concepts to others. If you have someone who will spend the time with you, have them listen and ask you questions about the concepts as you teach them. If you don’t have someone, teach yourself. Try recording yourself teaching using your smartphone.
  • We have an online bookstore with optional resources including a workbook, audios, and math review HERE. Some of the books listed at this bookstore may be available at your local library or a used bookstore. Books purchased from our online bookstore are non-refundable.
  • Be sure to attend our free optional Math Review session offered twice a month. Click on the “Contact Us” tab at the top of this page to request upcoming Math Review dates.
  • Consider purchasing the optional Exam Prep Edge exam prep study app, which is HIGHLY recommended by the CBG School and instructors. See the Exam Prep Edge information at the top of this page. View a video about Exam Prep Edge HERE. Purchase Exam Prep Edge HERE.
  • Hone your test taking skills. Included below and on a handouts on the “Resources” tab of the student portal are lists of ways to work through test anxiety as well as improve your test taking strategies. Try practicing these strategies on unit quizzes and practice tests to perfect your test taking skills and improve your confidence. These strategies could buy extra points on tests and exams by improving reading comprehension and improving chances when guessing. 
  • REMOVE REAL LIFE DISTRACTIONS! This one is a biggy! Try to clear the real world as much as you can. Call on family, friends, and co-workers to pick up the slack for you while you are focused on getting your license. Say “No” to anything that will distract you from your goal. Create quite places to study. If it is difficult to study at home, go to your local library, go to a local park, or borrow a friend’s quiet place. We have had students sit in the backseat of their car in their driveway… It works! 
  • Schedule daily study time and stick to the schedule. Don’t go with the flow and “hope” that you will have time at the end of the day to fit in some study time… Instead make your study time a priority and work everything else around that study schedule. Our successful students typically spend three to four hours (or more) per day reading, doing unit quizes, and reviewing the materials. Do not let yourself get behind!

Lastly, ASK FOR HELP! Our instructors are available both in class and outside of class. Add your instructors’ phone numbers to your contacts so that you can reach out easily when you need help. Download a copy of our “Important Contacts” handout from the “Resources” tab on the student portal.

PSI Candidate Handbook

The Missouri real estate licensing exam is taken at the PSI testing center. Learn everything you need to know about taking and passing the exam including the concepts covered, the costs, how to schedule your exam, what happens if you do not pass the first time, what types of ID are acceptable, applying for accommodations, and more, by downloading the PSI Candidate Handbook HERE.

Test Taking Strategies

Hone your test-taking skills and improve your confidence by practicing the suggestions below on unit quizzes and practice tests. These strategies could buy extra points on tests and exams by improving reading comprehension and improving chances when guessing.

  • Take your time… Read slowly… Do not rush. If it helps, run a finger under the words on the screen as you read and reread. 
  • Remember that you are looking for the BEST answer, not necessarily the only right answer. Exam questions may have more than one right answer, but only one BEST answer. Read all the choices before choosing the best answer. 
  • Read the question slowly, then read the first choice… Then read the question slowly again and read the second choice, etc.. Think of each of the multiple choices as a series of true/false statements. Read the question plus each individual choice determining if the statement is true or false and then choose the best answer. 
  • Pay attention to important key words in either the question or answer choices that can change the best answer. Examples of these key words: usually, none, always, never, except, automatically, must, all, all but, only, any, the best, the least, etc.
  • You are allowed a piece of scratch paper while taking your licensing exam. Do a “brain-dump” onto your scratch paper as soon as you sit down to take your exam. Write down formulas, important numbers, terms, or concepts that you have struggled with in the past.
  • Skip the questions you are not sure about when you go through the exam the first time and save them for your final review. You may find another question provides the answer or insight. 
  • The test questions can be tricky, but are not trying to trick you. If you feel a question is trying to trick you, you may be over thinking. Skip “tricky” questions and come back to them later. They may make more sense with a fresh look. 
  • If you struggle with math, skip the math questions and save them for last. If you are good at math, skip through to all of the math questions and complete them first. By staying on the “math side of your brain” for all of the math questions, you are likely to do better than moving in and out of the “math zone” of your brain.
  • If you feel your blood pressure rising and you start to feel overwhelmed, take a mini break. Get up and get a drink of water, stretch, or just look into the distance for 30-60 seconds. Take another break later if you need one. Taking a break will help you re-focus and lower anxiety.
  • Do not go back and change your answers unless you are positive you misread or sure you answered it wrong. Often your first guess is your best guess – Trust your gut. Over thinking and changing your answers may cause you to choose the wrong answer. 
  • When going through final round, make sure to answer ALL questions before ending. On questions you are unsure of, try to eliminate answers you think are least likely and choose from the remaining answers. narrow it down the best you can to increase your chances of guessing correctly. 
  • Just in case you do not pass, bring a notebook that you leave in your car and do another “brain-dump” immediately after leaving the exam. Write down any concepts or questions you want to look up or ask your instructor about. Your brain will be tired after the exam. If you do not write them down immediately after, you will likely not remember them later.

Overcoming Test Anxiety

Many of our students struggle with test anxiety. You may not recognize what you are feeling as anxiety, but if you find yourself obsessing over each word in a question or keep changing your answers, you are experiencing test anxiety. Here are some suggestions to overcome or lessen your test anxiety. 

  • Ask yourself… What is the worst thing that can happen if you fail? The worst thing is that you retake your exam. No big deal! Think of your first attempt as a “practice run” to relieve some of the pressure. 
  • Trust your gut! We hear from anxious students all the time that say they changed an answer because they were overthinking the question, but their original choice was the correct choice. Do not overthink or second guess yourself. Chances are your first gut instinct is correct.
  • Consider purchasing Exam Prep Edge which provides unlimited changing practice tests. Practicing and getting immediate feedback that your answers are right can build confidence, reduce anxiety, reinforce the concepts, and hone your test taking skills at the same time. 
  • Pay attention to how you are feeling. When you start to feel your anxiety increase, take a moment, close your eyes and do a short peaceful meditation, or stand up and walk away for a few seconds, or focus your eyes on a distant spot. Taking a few seconds to bring your anxiety down will help you stay focused and be better able to answer correctly.
  • Try reading the answer options before reading the question. You will find this will clue you in to what the question is looking for and can frame the question in such a way that it narrows your thinking.

Important Contact Information

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Missouri Real Estate Commission (MREC)
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IDEMIA/MACHS for Fingerprinting & Background Check (Provide MREC registration #: 0004)

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